• Better leads as a result of recession

    Despite the recession, one local business owner is being told by his customers that every cloud has a silver lining and, amongst the doom and gloom, the downturn is creating at least one positive effect on business.

    The team at Icon Exhibitions & Display Ltd iwere anticipating that customer feedback from exhibitions this year would be less positive than usual – but instead their customers are telling them just the opposite!

    Although visitor footfall at shows might be lower in 2009 than in other years, many of Icon’s customers are saying that the quality of leads being generated at shows is of a much better quality than normal.

    One Icon customer said, “In our experience of exhibiting during this year’s recession, it seems that the people who are continuing to attend exhibitions have serious business enquiries, resulting in good quality leads being generated for exhibitors despite the lower visitor numbers.”

    Wayne Ball, MD at Icon Exhibitions says, “Exhibitions remain a vital way for companies to meet new customers.  If budgets are limited, businesses should first think about downsizing their stand presence rather than pulling out of an exhibition altogether. That way, companies can still continue to generate new business leads, keep in touch with customers, and sell and promote their products and services”.