• Icon Exhibitions are ‘Good to Go’

    A local company is helping to increase workplace safety in its own business and others, through an innovative safe equipment management system.

    Icon Exhibitions & Display Ltd has become the local distributor for ‘Good to Go’, a system which helps to increase workplace safety and reduce the risk of accidents.

    Wayne Ball from Icon Exhibitions & Display Ltd explains: “ ‘Good to Go’ is necessary because many accidents are caused by operatives assuming equipment is safe to operate, just because it seemed to worked fine the last time it was used. Statistics show that more than 200 people are killed at work in the UK each year.  Employers have a duty of care to ensure all employees are adequately informed of potential hazards, and ‘Good to Go’ is a simple way to do this.”

    The ‘Good to Go’ system eradicates these assumptions by attaching a small, yet robust, sealed pod to all equipment. The pod contains a record of all safety checks and other relevant information. This can easily be referred to by operatives before use, to give them accurate information about the state of the equipment, whether it’s ‘good to go’ or not safe to use.  There is also an auditable trail, with a duplicate copy of each safety check recorded separately for easy reference.